After renting for 11 years, we built a home in 2012 that includes five bedrooms, with four boys in each room. We are now constructing a 4-bedroom house for two additional staff, as well as two bedrooms for boarding school boys to stay during school breaks; we hope to complete construction in March 2017.

Our home is located on a hillside off Mombasa Road near the junction of Machakos. This is a rural area surrounded by the Kapiti Plains where giraffe, ostrich, gazelles, and a host of other wildlife live. We are within walking distance of the primary school, where our boys now attend, and an hour’s walk from the church which they hike to faithfully each Sunday.

Orphans’ Joy donated money to purchase a greenhouse in 2012 where we raise tomatoes for sale in the market. Corn, beans, spinach, kale, and sweet potatoes are grown outside the greenhouse for our own use. We also have a few laying chickens.

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