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Ahadi Family Kenya location: Kyumbi, Kenya (Off Mombasa Rd., near the Machakos junction)

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Ahadi Family Kenya

A Christian Non-Profit Home for Vulnerable Boys

Alumni Testimonials to God's Amazing Work in Their Lives

Where are the alumni today?


     Over 30 of our Alumni have graduated from colleges and universities, and 15 others are in college/university today in 10 different institutions. Many are married with families. Some were formerly street children; others were abandoned, orphaned, abused, or living in extreme poverty with relatives who didn't have the resources to care for them.

     Today, many of them are employed and contributing to society and global welfare through their expertise in health, business, IT, economics, education, international relations, culinary arts, engineering, community development, child rights, etc.

     Our vision "a nation with well-adjusted, wholesome, healthy boys and young men who love God, themselves and others, and contribute positively to society," is being realized by many of these alumni, whose "ripple effect" will impact the nation of Kenya and beyond, God enabling them.

   Luke 9:43 captures how we feel about these Ahadi Family alumni, "And they were all amazed  at the greatness of God."

Jannes Omondi


I thank God for all He is doing in my life and in the lives of brothers in Ahadi Family Kenya. My parents died when I was 15 years old, in class 7. I dropped out of school and stayed at a nearby church until my auntie, who was too poor to help me, contacted Ahadi Family who agreed to take me and my 7 year old brother, and they found a relative willing to care for our 10 year old sister, as long as Ahadi would paid for all of her school expenses. After finishing high school, I served one year at Ahadi Family as a Junior Staff. I am currently pursuing my diploma course in Public Relations and Diplomacy at Mount Kenya University, thanks to an Ahadi sponsor. Thank you for all who are working tirelessly and denying themselves a lot in order to support us. Thank you to Mom (Phyllis Masso) for giving us a chance to call you mom and finding a place for us to call home.

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Julius Musyoka


 Hi, my name is Julius Musyoka. My parents passed on in a road accident. My brother  and I were brought up by our uncle and aunty. After I finished primary school I didn't know what direction my life could take but God willing, Ahadi Family took my brother and I, paid our school fees till we finished high school, and by God's grace I joined Daystar University. Am currently doing a degree in International Relations and Security Studies, thanks to my sponsor.

Send a message to Ahadi Family if you would like to sponsor a college or university student. Colleges (Diploma level) average around $3,000 per year, and universities (Bachelor's Degree) average around $6,000 per year including accommodation.

Collins Owino


In our family we were born three brothers. In 2006, both of our parents went to see the Lord (Mother  February, Father August the same year). The following  year the same thing happened to my cousins. Only my uncle was left (by  then he was still young... we had to struggle with him because he didn't have  a job to depend on). God opened another door in 2010.  Our aunty who lived in Athi River, told us that she  found  someone running a children's home through whom we could get help. A smile came to our face!!!  That's  when we came to Ahadi Family Kenya. I joined high school and my brothers and cousins continued with their primary school.  We were  taken the five of us--my brothers and cousins-- (amazing!!! ...Glory to God). Now I am in the university studying BA Social Work. I decided to pursue this course  because  I would like to help others in  future, God willing, the way I was helped. This is because I realised my purpose and call in life through the mentorship  program I went through with Michael Masso at Moffat  Bible College. Ahadi has really helped me a lot and is still helping me. Thank God for sponsorship. 

Nelson Salagano

Nelson Salagano

I had run away from an abusive home situation several years ago and was taken in by Ahadi Family. I have now finished my university studies in International Relations.  

My project paper last semester seeks to use empirical evidences in evaluating the current political situation in Kenya and also where we may get to in a few years. In other words what is our future, if we sustain the current political status? My topic is based on Samuel Huntington’s book “The Clash of Civilizations and my project paper topic is “The Contextualization of Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations.” My hypothesis is that Kenya might find itself in a protracted conflict or even a genocide if our social political structure is not transformed from a Neo-patrimonial state to a modern state where merits are rewarded. 

Thank you for giving me this chance to pursue my dreams. May the Lord continually to bless you and increase you in all ways. God bless you.  

Kelly Kimathi


My mother died in my arms when I was 10 years old. My younger brother and sister and I were put in an orphanage where we received very bad treatment because my relatives were unable to care for us, so I ran away. I was taken in by Ahadi Family (formerly SCREAM Kenya) and went through high school and then trained to be a Clinical Officer. Following my internship in a hospital, I decided to go for my Bachelor's Degree in Medicine and am in University now, finishing that programme. I am so grateful to God for the sponsors who have made that possible, and I look forward to practicing medicine when I graduate. (My brother is also finishing university and my sister is taking a college course through Ahadi Family sponsors as well.)