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Ahadi Family Kenya location: Kyumbi, Kenya (Off Mombasa Rd., near the Machakos junction)

+254-706-344024 Kenyan office

Ahadi Family Kenya

A Christian Non-Profit Home for Vulnerable Boys

WHO AND HOW do we help?

Entrance and Exit To and From Ahadi Family Kenya

    School-aged boys who are in need, are usually referred to Ahadi Family Kenya by area chiefs, school principals, pastors, the police or the Children’s Department in Athi River town, Machakos County when they become aware of a child not in school, and not being cared for properly. Most are orphaned with no extended family able to care for them. Others are abandoned or abused, or are on the street because of parental neglect or poverty. All are stranded in life for one reason or another, and are vulnerable and many times hopeless. Average age is 14 years old.

     The six-member Ahadi Family Kenya Board of Directors makes admission decisions following the scrutiny of the social worker and the Department of Children's Services and consideration of our facilities. The boy and relatives must agree to have him come to live at Ahadi Family Kenya and be helped in the name of Jesus Christ. The local law courts then make us their legal guardians. 

    Whenever possible, we keep at least one relative involved in the boys’ lives, and during school holidays, we connect them with a designated relative who often is only able to keep them for short periods of time and we provide food for them during their stay there. (If no trusted relative is available, an Ahadi Family board member takes them home during school breaks.) We monitor visits with their relatives, and many times their situations change, or we find out about a distant relative interested in connecting with them, and they can be permanently reunited with this family member, after being released from our guardianship by the court. 

    If the relative is not able to pay for their education, we continue paying those expenses, usually in schools that are close enough for the relative to monitor them.

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